Hula Grill's 21st Ukulele Contest - Kaanapali Resort
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Hula Grill’s 21st Ukulele Contest

Saturday, October 21st youth ‘ukulele players from kindergarten through high school are invited to participate in the 21st year of the Hula Grill Ukulele Contest (previously the Maui Youth Ukulele Players Contest). The contest gives Hawaii’s keiki the chance to perform on stage in front of a live audience. Entry information HERE!
The contest kicks off of at 10 am, but there is a complimentary workshop prior at 9:15. The workshop will be lead by KoAloha Ukulele and is a great way to get the group warmed up and playing together. Keiki can compete in the solo division, group division, or both.
Officials will announce first, second and third place for all four categories. The contest is sponsored by KoAloha, so every contestant has the chance to win a brand new ukulele. And for those who don’t go home with the ultimate prize, there are plenty of other great prizes that are sure to please. A simple breakfast and lunch will be provided for the contestants, and family members or other supporters are welcome to order from our lunch menu any time after 10:45 am.

Rules & Qualifications:

All contestants will be judged on brief introduction, ukulele performances (strumming, rhythm and picking), singing and stage presence, off stage attitude, originality and keeping within the 6 minute time limit. No electrical effect pedals/distortion boxes will be allowed. Aloha Attire is required.
Solo Divisions:
Division 1 K – 4th grade
Division 2 5th – 8th grade

Division 3 9th – 12th grade

Group Division:

Maximum number of four contestants. You must have at least one ukulele player in groups of two and two ukulele players in groups of three or four. Your group may be intermixed in grade levels. Solo Division contestants may also enter in the Group Division.