Hula Grill Black Friday Fundraiser - Kaanapali Resort
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Hula Grill Black Friday Fundraiser

Have some bar time fun while supporting a good cause.  Hula Grill Maui bartenders will be donating all of their tips to a friend in need.  All you need to do is join them at the bar and “Drink & Eat for Dyanne.”  They will have entertaining bartenders and giveaways throughout the day!

Hula Grill

Who is Dyanne you ask?  Dyanne Arvelo is a lovely server at Hula Grill Kaanapali.  She has made quite an impact in the short time she’s been there. Kind, friendly and caring.  She and her boyfriend are expecting their second child.  Unfortunately, Dyanne was put on bed rest very early on and will have to remain hospitalized on Oahu until the baby is born.  Her daughter and boyfriend are still on Maui, so this is not the ideal situation for an expectant mother.  Hula Grill employees are hoping to raise enough money to cover Dyanne’s unexpected bills by having this benefit.  We hope to see you at the bar!

Hula Grill Black Friday Benefit