Guest Activities Steeped in Hawaiian Culture - Kaanapali Resort
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Guest Activities Steeped in Hawaiian Culture

Dive deeper into the Hawaiian culture at Maui’s most Hawaiian hotel – Kaanapali Beach Hotel.  Guests at this beachfront oasis enjoy complimentary authentic activities throughout the day with an opportunity to experience much of the host culture that isn’t accessible anywhere else to visitors.

KBH Lei making 2

Many resorts in Hawaii offer flower string lei-making, including Kaanapali Beach Hotel. What the hotel does offer that is unique, is the hilo style (ti leaf method) lei-making, using just the leafy part of the local ti plants found easily in the islands. The leaves are cut into strips and kept moist until the moment they are used for lessons under the thatched-roof hale. The methodical twisting and crossing of the ti makes a rope-like lei that can be used for days and then dried for home décor.

Olelo Hawaii, the Hawaiian language, is both beautifully poetic and mysterious. Hawaiian language classes in the resort uncover the hidden meaning, or multiple meanings, of many Hawaiian words. Called “kaona”, these hidden meanings offer poetic justice to simpler phrases.  For instance, we use the word “aloha” in greetings, farewells and in expressing love. But the word means even more, it’s a way of life. Using Hawaiian language grammatical rules, the word “aloha” can be translated literally as “the joyful sharing of life energy in the present” or “joyfully sharing life”.

Hula and the ukulele go together like fish and poi. Learn a hula, with a language unto itself, including basic steps and motion that tell a story about the hukilau (a way of fishing) with hand movements. Separate ukulele lessons will have guests strumming chords along to simple island tunes.

Hularobics is exactly what it sounds like – an aerobic hula class. A great start to the day’s activities and culturally rich. Bring a beach pareo to be worn as a hula skirt. Instructors teach between 4 to 5 hula steps to music, starting off slowly and then picking up the pace for a gentle work out.

These and other complimentary Hawaiian activities are for registered guests only and are scheduled daily 9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. (There are no 1:30 p.m. classes on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.) Advance reservations are requested as some class sizes are limited. Contact Guest Services for Activity Information and Reservations (808) 667-0161 or email activitydesk@kbhmaui.com.


Our hearts are with our Maui and Lahaina ‘ohana as our island continues to rebuild. As West Maui opens following the devastating wildfires, our restaurants, shops, hotels, resorts, condos, and activity partners welcome you with aloha.

For the latest updates on Ka'anapali and West Maui locations, please view our resource page.
Aloha from Kā’anapali!
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