The Great American Eclipse with Hyatt’s Tour of the Stars - Kaanapali Resort
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The Great American Eclipse with Hyatt’s Tour of the Stars

Hyatt Regency Maui’s own Director of Astronomy and Nasa Ambassador, Eddie Mahoney travels to Oregon to witness the total solar eclipse when the moon completely blocks the sun. Follow his journey on social media with hashtag #TouroftheStars.

Named the World’s Top Hotel for Stargazing, experience Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa’s very own rooftop astronomy program!

More than 1,000 years ago, voyaging Polynesians were guided to the Hawaiian Islands with the help of the stars. Now you can view those stars and much more using one of Hawaii’s finest recreational telescopes, “The Edge”. This 14-inch reflector telescope sits more than nine stories up, on a remote site of the hotel rooftop. Our Director of Astronomy uses a computer to select an agenda, locate and identify 1,000 objects in the sky including stars, planet, galaxies and nebulae. Participants first learn to interpret the sky with the unaided eye, then with giant astronomy binoculars, and ultimately with  ‘The Edge”.

Tour of the Stars

Share this unique cosmic experience with your family and create a memory to last a lifetime

Show times: 8:00pm and 9:00pm Nightly

Price: $25 per adult/Hyatt Guest, $15 per child/Hyatt Guest

$30 per adult/non Hyatt Guest, $20 per child/non Hyatt Guest

Romance Tour of the Stars

For a romantic end to a perfect day in paradise, share champagne and chocolate covered strawberries during the “couples only” Tour of the Stars.
Show times: 10:00pm Nightly

Price: $40 per adult/Hyatt Guest

$45 per adult/non Hyatt Guest

Contact Information

Seating is limited to fourteen “gazers” to allow optimum viewing. Reservations required.
For reservations, please call +1 808 667 4727. Hyatt guests, touch 4727. Inquire about our private shows.