Chief Kaka’alaneo and Legend of Kaulula’au - Kaanapali Resort
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Chief Kaka’alaneo and Legend of Kaulula’au

Chief Kaka’alaneo and Legend of Kaulula’au

Chief Kaka’alaneo and Legend of Kaulula’auKaka’alanmeo was a high chief of the land at Keka’a (Maui’s capital circa 15th century). He lived near the extinct volcanic cone of Pu’u Keka’a. The chief reigned over a thriving community of many people, as his land was fertile and rich with groves of breadfruit, bananas, sugar cane, sweet potatoes, and taro. He and his wife had two children who were born here, their son Kaulula’au and daughter Wao. The legend of Kaulula’au, boy and man, is a story that has been retold for generations.

Chief Kaka’alaneo and Legend of Kaulula’au

The family kahuna (priest) predicted that the boy would be destructive, but that the lands would eventually be blessed by his strength and deeds. Kaulula’au would uproot young taro and sweet potato plants for fun. He would play with arrows, shooting them into the breadfruit trees, then climb up a tree and shale it until the arrows fell; if they did not fall, he would yank out all the breadfruit, leaving it to rot. His chiefly father finally decided that the people of the village would not thrive with his son living among them. He banished Kaulula’au to the island of Lana’i to live among the spirits there. Lana’i would be the domain of Kaulula’au – if he killed all the ghosts that inhabited the island, then his wicked ways would cease. Over time and with the help of his god, Lono, Kaulula’au eventually rid the island of all the ghosts. When his father heard of this feat, he sent food by canoe and inspired 800 people of his land to move to Lana’i. Kaulula’au became the ruling chief of the island, which prospered. Upon his father’s death, Kaulula’au became the ruler of West Maui and lived once again at Keka’a.

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Source: Kaanapali Historical Trail & History and Legends Tour, Pip Holo Ka’ao (A well told tale travels far and wide)