UFO Parasailing from Kaanapali Beach - Kaanapali Resort
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UFO Parasailing from Kaanapali Beach

UFO ParasailingKaanapali Beach has great activities for the family to enjoy and from May 16th through December 14th it’s parasailing season on Maui. UFO Parasailing leaves from Kaanapali’s Dig Me Beach and takes to the Lahaina coastline for epic views of West Maui. UFO parasail boats are USCG certified and can carry up to 12 passengers. UFO limits the boat to 8 passengers for more time in the air and less time on the water. If you’ve got a large group though you can make a request to be together.

Choose to go it alone, tandem, or as a group of three, either way you’ll take off from the boat and land completely dry. It’s a great activity that’s safe for all ages and skill levels. You’ll be on the boat for about an hour and the length of rides depends on the package you select and how many parasailors go up at a time.

Once it’s your turn you are secured to the harness and winched out from the boats platform. Rising slowly into the air you’ll experience majestic views of Maui as well as Lanai and Molokai.

There’s an unexpected quietness at 800-1200 feet in the air. With the parachute over-head you’ll glide gently over the Pacific Ocean and everywhere you look you’ll see awe inspiring landscapes. Want to get wet and go for a dip? Tell the captain and they’ll make it happen by lowering you down and dunking you for a minute.

Take a peek at parasailing with UFO Parasail and watch the video below!

Our hearts are with our Maui and Lahaina ‘ohana as our island continues to rebuild. As West Maui opens following the devastating wildfires, our restaurants, shops, hotels, resorts, condos, and activity partners welcome you with aloha.

For the latest updates on Ka'anapali and West Maui locations, please view our resource page.
Aloha from Kā’anapali!
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