Romance Is A Tropical Playground With Many Options At Kaanapali, Maui

Everyone knows what aloha means. And yet no one can claim to understand the mysterious force suggested by that word. The passion that brings two people together, the love that sustains a marriage, and the deep affection that binds families and communities—all these are fueled by aloha. Kaanapali nurtures love in all its forms. KAANAPALI, […]

Like Playing Well? For a Health And Fitness Vacation, Kaanapali, Maui Has Everything You Need

Ola means life. Because Hawaiians have always understood that the life-force is enhanced by practices such as massage, cleansing, and herbal therapy, the word ola also means health and well-being. Kaanapali perpetuates the spirit of Hawai’i’s native therapeutic practices by providing for the ola of the guests. KAANAPALI, MAUI, HAWAI’I – For lots of us, […]

Kaanapali, Maui, Just Might Be The World’s Greatest Water Park

Water, the primal element, surrounds and flows through every aspect of life in Hawai’i. Wai, freshwater, pours from the mountains. Kai, seawater, envelops the coasts. Kaanapali is one of those dynamic Hawaiian places where wai meets kai. KAANAPALI, MAUI, HAWAI’I – Like the old story of the seven blind men trying to describe an elephant […]

From High-End to Value Added, Kaanapali Has A Room For Every Vacation

The Hawaiian tradition of ho’okipa (ho-o-kee-pa) inspires every moment of life at Kaanapali resort. Ho’okipa means hospitality —in particular, a custom of caring for guests with great generosity and enthusiasm. In our tradition, a good host greets the guests warmly, invites them inside, feeds them, entertains them, and inevitably offers a comfortable place to sleep. […]

Kaanapali, Maui’s Classic Resort Community, Is Still The Best Place In The Pacific To Play

Hawaiian culture understands that pa’ani (pa-a-nee)-meaning play, sports, and games-is a healthy part of a well-lived life. What else would you expect from the people who invented surfing? Old-style pa’ani was quite robust-boxing, footraces, and downhill sledding. But the ancient ones also prized physical agility and contests of wit. Here is a look at the […]

Press Kit: Play the Kaanapali Way

Kaanapali Beach Resort Association Fact Sheet CLICK HERE Kaanapali, Maui’s Classic Resort Community, Is Still The Best Place In The Pacific to Play CLICK HERE From High-End To Value Added, Kaanapali Has A Room for Every Vacation CLICK HERE Kaanapali, Maui, Just Might Be The World’s Greatest Water Park CLICK HERE Like Playing Well? For […]

Kaanapali Beach Resort Association Fact Sheet

Description: Kaanapali Resort is a completely self-contained resort on a three-mile stretch of beach along the sunny western shores of Maui. From the shores of Kaanapali, the Neighbor Islands of Lana’i and Moloka’i are in clear view. The slopes of Mauna Kahalawai, the West Maui Mountains, serve as the dramatic backdrop for this luxury, 1,200 […]

Travel Agent Information

Welcome Travel Agents! Resting between verdant mountain peaks and miles of golden sand beaches on West Maui’s sunny shoreline, Kaanapali reigns as one of the world’s favorite vacation spots and sets the standard for all of Hawaii’s resorts. Home to six world-class hotels, five condominium and vacation club resorts, a beachfront shopping complex, the historic […]

Tennis Facilities And Services

LOCATIONS Royal Lahaina Resort 11 courts, including a stadium court Lights available Telephone: (808) 667-5200 Hours: 8 am -12 noon, 2 pm -7 pm Clinics on Mondays & Wednesdays Lessons available Maui Marriott Resort & Ocean Club Five courts Lights available Telephone: (808) 661-6200 Hours: 7 am – 8 pm Clinics on Tuesdays & Thursdays […]