Kaanapali Resort’s “String Of Pearls” – A Lei Of Awards And Honors

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa • “Gold List-World’s Best Places to Stay”- Condé Nast Traveler, 2004 • “Top 25 Hawaii Hotels” – Travel + Leisure, 2003 • “Gold Key Award”- Meetings & Conventions, 2003 • “Four Diamond Award”- AAA , 2003 • “Award of Excellence”-Corporate Incentive Travel, 2002 Kaanapali Beach Hotel • “Cultural Heritage […]

Kaanapali Resort Makes A Great Home Base For Excursions And For Play On The Magic Isle Maui

Kaanapali Resort Makes A Great Home Base For Excursions And For Play On The Magic Isle Maui Even before Hawai’i had tourists, its people had a word for what tourists do-maka’ika’i (ma-ka-ee-ka-ee). It means to see the sights, to stroll around looking, to let your eyes lead the way. It is good for the soul […]

Kaanapali Hosts Festivals, Celebrations, And Great Events Throughout The Year

The Hawaiian word ho’olaule’a (ho-oh-low[rhymes with cow]-lay-ah) means celebration. The first part, ho’o, always means to do or to make. Laule’a means happiness, friendship, and peace-a condition that Hawaiians desire as much as anyone else. At Ka’anapali, special events are ho’olaule’a (making happiness) no matter what time of year a person visits. KAANAPALI, MAUI, HAWAI’I […]

Travel Planners Who Choose Maui Get A Helping Hand From “Kaanapali Connection”

Travel Planners Who Choose Maui Get A Helping Hand From “Kaanapali Connection” Corporate gatherings and other large groups are wise to come to Kaanapali, which embodies the old Hawaiian idea of ‘ike papalua (ee-kay pa-pa-loo-a). ‘Ike means knowledge and understanding. Papalua is double. So ‘ike papalua implies a sharper vision, a breakthrough of understanding, something […]

New Personal Care Products With Hawaiian Essence Add To The Fun Of Shopping At Kaanapali

The annual harvest festival of ancient Hawai’i is called makahiki. It is a time to present and to share the great bounty of the year. In the old days, this sharing of goods lasted for a period of four months. The shopping opportunities at Kaanapali act as a global makahiki that goes on every day […]

When You Dine at Kaanapali Resort, Maui, Food Comes With Drama, Dazzle, And Fun

The Hawaiian word ‘aha’aina (a-ha-eye-na), meaning feast, combines two smaller words—’aha, a gathering or meeting, and ‘aina, the meal. It is interesting to notice that the idea of gathering, of getting together, comes first. Even though the food may be delicious, the true purpose of ‘aha’aina is communion—time together well spent. Dining at Ka’anapali is […]

Kaanapali Goes Out Of Its Way To Be A Place Where Families Play

The word ‘ohana, or family, is one of the most frequently used native words in Hawai’i today. The ‘ohana is the bedrock of social life. Without strong family ties—respect for the kupuna (elders), harmony among partners, and aloha for the keiki (children)—we risk disconnection from the earth itself. Ka’anapali honors and supports the best in […]

Romance Is A Tropical Playground With Many Options At Kaanapali, Maui

Everyone knows what aloha means. And yet no one can claim to understand the mysterious force suggested by that word. The passion that brings two people together, the love that sustains a marriage, and the deep affection that binds families and communities—all these are fueled by aloha. Kaanapali nurtures love in all its forms. KAANAPALI, […]

Like Playing Well? For a Health And Fitness Vacation, Kaanapali, Maui Has Everything You Need

Ola means life. Because Hawaiians have always understood that the life-force is enhanced by practices such as massage, cleansing, and herbal therapy, the word ola also means health and well-being. Kaanapali perpetuates the spirit of Hawai’i’s native therapeutic practices by providing for the ola of the guests. KAANAPALI, MAUI, HAWAI’I – For lots of us, […]

Kaanapali, Maui, Just Might Be The World’s Greatest Water Park

Water, the primal element, surrounds and flows through every aspect of life in Hawai’i. Wai, freshwater, pours from the mountains. Kai, seawater, envelops the coasts. Kaanapali is one of those dynamic Hawaiian places where wai meets kai. KAANAPALI, MAUI, HAWAI’I – Like the old story of the seven blind men trying to describe an elephant […]